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The Team

Károly Fazekas

I was born on 29 August 1963 in Devecser.

I moved to Balatonfüred and now I am living here with my wife and my children.

I studied in Devecser and after that in a technical college in Veszprém, named after Táncsics Mihály.

At present I am managing my enterprises: Fazekas Insped Ltd. and FüredScan Ltd.

I strarted my career in 2005, in off-road.

I entered a rally raid first in 2006, the start was so good that I obtained the 2nd place.

We began building a pro category car: BMW X5, which won the Santa Claus-rally in December. Since then we have been able to triumph over the other competitors.

We were champions in our category in 2008 and we also gained the absolute 2nd place with my 6-member team.

We were a bit out of luck in 2009 and in the first half of 2010, but I still hope for a successful future.


Albert Horn

I was born on July the 23th 1976 in Budapest

Professions: Sports organizer-manager (Semmelweis University Budapest Diplom); Sports instructor

Hobbies: skiing, RC modelling

Since my childhood I loved terrain, in 92 I started to ride Off-Road regularly.In 95 I began my racing career in Enduro, than in 97 I turned to Motocrossing. The motorbike racing was followed by Slalom and Minirallies than in 2000 I was navigating in Rally.

My first apperiance in Rally-Raid was in 97, when a friend of mine asked me to navigate him on a Hungarian Cross-Country Cup. In this year I met Balazs Szalai whom I was helping with the preparation for the Paris-Dakar Rally 98. In the following year I was working in the USA in the shop of Frank Papp where we were building a new Chevrolet Blazer V8 prototype for Mr Szalai. Since that I am working in the Rally-Raid business in all area.

In 2008 Karoly Fazekas was asking me to navigate him so I desided to resume my coopiloting career, since that, more or less, we are racing together. In 2010 I was also navigating to the 3 times Hungarian Rally Champion Balazs Benik and to a Croatian driver Drazen Curic with whom I was participating on the 2011 Dakar Rally too.

Cross-Country results: 2008 Fazekas-Horn Overall 2. Category Champion; 2009 Fazekas-Horn Overall 9.  Category 4.


András Fábián

I was born in 1974 in Budapest.

I studied in a trade school to be car mechanic.

My affection for cars started when I was a teenager, we used to take my grandfather’s Lada for a ride with my friends.

After trade school I worked in a Toyota service in Budakeszi. In 2001, I established an enterprise named Pazo Művek Ltd. with my colleague now we have two depots.

I lovemotor sports, but I am interested in the technical part, not the driving.

My friend Feri Lévai asked me to help him in the preparation of his Toyota Yaris for the Hungarian championship. We were champions in our category in 2006 and 2007. I remember this time with pleasure. I made several friends.

My great love has always been Rally raid, so I always kept an eye on Hungarian champions and Dakar. In 2007, my friend Billi asked me if I would like to join Karcsi Fazekas and his team. I immediately said yes. I became a member of a professional and well-prepared team. I have obtained a lot of experience and knowledge. The successes in the Hungarian and the International Championships gives me self-confidance and positive power in private and business life.

I would like to express my thanks for the encouragement to my family and colleagues.

Zsolt Kordé

I was born on 18 December 1973. My father is a car mechanic, so since child I spent a lot of time near cars and I also chose this profession.

In the course of the years I got lots of experience. Here, at Fazekas Motorsport a new world opened up for me. This is very interesting and varied, it requires skills, creativity and fantasy. So we can speak about a comprehensive job.

I am responsible for the plastic elements of the car, but I also take part in the service and the building. I like this, because it is very varied.

I like working here, my colleagues are talented and we form a cohesive team.

We would like to express our thanks for the trust of Fazekas Károly. We hope that we can take part in races in the future, because otherwise we would really miss this job from our lives.

Frank Papp

I was born on 14 November 1961 in Szentegyháza, Romania. Professions: engineering technologist and car designer.

I was the champion of UTC Gokart Cup in 1980, since that I fell in love with cars.

I studied in America. (Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls-Texas) I attended Dakar with Balazs Szalay in 1996 and 1998 which was a huge experience for me.

I was the team manager in American Air Force’s team from 2000 to 2003. I kept contact with Karoly Fazekas in 2006, who asked me to build up and desing an individual X5 BMW. It was a beautiful and honorific feeiling, when the Fazekas Motorsport won the hungarian championship in 2011.

Now we’re working to build up a new X6 BMW, which will debut firstly in cross-country.

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